Here it stands: 


001. Various Artists - From the Deepest Depth of a Bottomless Light

002. (VxPxC) - Drapery Dept. (OUT OF PRINT)

003. Antique Brothers - Bears in the Woods, Volume 1 (OUT OF PRINT)

004. the circle and the point. - and so on for ever

005. Sleepwalkers Local 242- Dreamlands (OUT OF PRINT)

006. Servant Sun- Cold Harbour ( Peter Wright and Brad Rose) (OUT OF PRINT)

007. Stone Baby- Black Blossom Blues (OUT OF PRINT)

008. Autumn Galaxy- An Emperor's Garden (OUT OF PRINT)


010. Amber Lions (featuring Valerio Cosi)- Pink Panther Blood (OUT OF PRINT)

011. Various Artists- Blood of the Green Lion    FORTHCOMING

012. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood- The World is at War (OUT OF PRINT)

013. Antique Brothers- From Beneath the Dead Castle, Volume 2 (OUT OF PRINT)

014. (VxPxC)- Second Street Tunnel  (OUT OF PRINT)

015. Ghost Moth- Sealand Fortress (OUT OF PRINT) 

016. Peonies- Smoke for Tomorrow

017- Robedoor- Pained Transformation (OUT OF PRINT)

018- Ben Nash- tba   FORTHCOMING

019- Gown- On the River (OUT OF PRINT)

020- Iron Claw- tba  FORTHCOMING

021- Stone Baby- The Flaneur   

022- A Vibrant Struggle- Black Hole Meditations (OUT OF PRINT)

023- Centruy Plants- Electrics  

024- Chapels- So Many Blood-Lakes (OUT OF PRINT)

025- Burnt Hills- Amphipacifica   (OUT OF PRINT)

026- Rambutan/ Chapels split c30   (OUT OF PRINT)

027- Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides- All Cows Are Sacred  ( OUT OF PRINT)

028- Jeremy Kelly- Witches of Clay Hill

029- Anvil Salute- Cosmic Yes   (OUT OF PRINT)

030- the circle and the point / Sleepwalkers Local / Chapels- 3way split double cassette  

031- Wasteland Jazz Unit- Shivering Reflections (OUT OF PRINT)

032- Gown/ Chapels split c20  (OUT OF PRINT)

033- Chapels- It Was Dark When I Called Out to You 3" cdr (OUT OF PRINT)

034- Nick Hoffman- Silent Island  (OUT OF PRINT)

035- Jeremy Kelly/ Chapels split c30  (OUT OF PRINT)

036- Derek Rogers- Slowmover  (OUT OF PRINT)

037- Fossils- Dreaming of Babylon (OUT OF PRINT)

038- Chris Dadge- A Bird is a Light Thing  

 039- York Factory Complaint- Remorse Of Conscience  (OUT OF PRINT)

040-Chapels- No Voids (OUT OF PRINT)

 041- Air Loom- The Ingoing

 042- Pine Smoke Lodge  - Songs for Sucking Spirit Darts (OUT OF PRINT)

 043- Stone Baby/Chapels split  (OUT OF PRINT)

 044- Grasshopper- Miles in the Sky   (OUT OF PRINT)

 045- Bent Spoon Duo- Price of Darkness  

046- Butcher-Bryerton-Khoury Trio/ & Baczkowski/Sack duo split  (OUT OF PRINT)

047- Bad Trip - Beat Is Murder (OUT OF PRINT)

048- Mold Omen- Soil  (OUT OF PRINT)

049- Chapels- I have tried  (OUT OF PRINT)

050- Obscurer -Shining Arbors

051- Mundkrach & Kommisar Hjuler und Frau- A/N/T/I/Z/I/P/A/T/I/O/N

052- Rambutan/Fossils From the Sun split

053- Mama Baer- Perverted People Girl Fuckers

054- Paintings For Animals- Thee Body Ov Worship (OUT OF PRINT) 

055- Clay Cantrell - The Tree Farmer

056- DeTrop- Man, Woman, Beast

057- Sheldon Siegel - Midden (DELETED)

058- Venn Rain- Bioharmonics (OUT OF PRINT)

059- Rust Worship- Terrestrial Society

060- Chapels- Last Nights (OUT OF PRINT)


062- Parashi/Chapels split

063- The Transplant Mountains/Chapels split

064- Sheldon Siegel- Three Euro Breakfast (OUT OF PRINT)

065- Scott Valkwitch- InFraRed

066- JAILBIRD- Jailbird

067-Clay Cantrell - High On The Gallows

068- Chris Dadge- Not Sudden

069- Ludo Mich- No Qu Tche Boo Boo Parity

070- Decimus- Jyestha (OUT OF PRINT)

071- Tuluum Shimmering - Red Bird Messenger (OUT OF PRINT)

072- Chapels- But I Was Never Much Good (OUT OF PRINT)

073- High on Dracula - High On Dracula

074- Charles Gordon - Charles Gordon

075-  Chapels   FORTHCOMING

076- Death Rattle - Death Rattle

077- Razen - Rare Undressed Mare

078- Licker  FORTHCOMING

079- Chapels/VWLS split

080- Heavy Hymns- Solace