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split w/The Transplant Mountains (house of alchemy)
split w/ Parashi (
house of alchemy)
Various Artists- FFFour Free Form Freakout Compilation (

Night Thoughts (
Obsolete Units)
split (Skell LLC)
tba (
Reject and Fade)

split cdr/dvd with Mold Omen (tbd)
This Was Never Any Place I  Was Meant To Be (
Resistance Through Rituals)


Dust Bells (
Tired Trails Collective)
Laid Down in the Woods (Klorofyll Kassetter)
So Many Blood Lakes (house of alchemy)
v/a- The Field Notes That Fled (Tired Trails Collective)
split w/ Rambutan (house of alchemy)
Last Night of the Earth (Stunned Records)
In Aspic (Anathema Sound)
It Was Dark When I Called Out to You (house of alchemy)
split  w/ Gown (house of alchemy)
It's Just a Pause (Cut Hands)
split w/ Rambutan II (Stunned Records
Days of Sleepless Night (Abandon Ship)
No Voids (house of alchemy)
Heave the Hive with New Bees (905 Tapes)
Ever Ever Ever Ever (Existential Cloth)
Some Decay (Tape Drift)
split w/ Stone Baby (
house of alchemy)

I have tried( house of alchemy)
Mensagem (Ghetto Naturalist Series)
split w/ Jeremy Kelly (house of alchemy)
Various Artists- The Noise From Ridgewood- A Benefit For The Silent Barn (
Obsolete Units)
Call It Killing You Off (Imminent Frequencies
Various Artists - Glossy Eyes, Volume 1 (
Bad Drone Media)
Dim Records)
That Incorrigible Death's-Head (
Robert & Leopold)
All Voids (Peasant Magik)

split with Sound Out Light (905 Tapes)
Last Nights
( house of alchemy)
split w/ Evan Lindorff-Ellery(Cave Recordings)
3 way double cassette split w/ Sleepwalkers Local and -the circle & the point- (house of alchemy)

Breaking In The Architecture (La Cohu)
But I Was Never Much Good
(house of alchemy)


08/10/2013- Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo NY
Fluid Dynamics
07/17/2013- Wsada Series @ The WASH Project, Buffalo, NY
w/ Tarpit, Charles Gordon
07/20/12- The Vault, Buffalo, NY Air Loom- Summer Scum Noise Fest
05/03/2012- The Vault, Buffalo, NY Air Loom w/ Malaria Control, Pedestrian Deposit
01/15/2012- 437 Potomac, Buffalo, NY Air Loom
12/28/2011- Jungle Gym, Buffalo, NY w/ VWLS/MBT, Pacing vs River of Ichthyosis
4/16/2011- The Vault, Buffalo, NY Air Loom w/ Hunted Creatures, VWLS, Pacing, One Ambulance
3/20/11- Sugar City- Buffalo, NY w/ All Them Witches, Mutus Liber, I am Not a TV
10/15/2010- Spiral Scratch Records- Buffalo, NY- Air Loom w/ Set, Fossils, Forced Collapse
5/22/2010- Sugar City- Buffalo, NY w/ CE Card, Steve Baczkowski, Pine Smoke Lodge
8/10/2009- Heidelberg House- Albany, NY w/ Burnt Hills, Peaking Lights
11/10/2007- No Radio Records- Ithaca, NY the circle and the point w/ Sleepwalkers Local, Antique Brothers, Century Plants, Stone Baby, Mirabile Dictu
11/9/2007- Soundlab- Buffalo, NY the circle and the point w/ Antique Brothers, Century Plants, Sleepwalkers Local


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