the circle and the point/ Sleepwalkers Local/ Chapels    
-split c30/c40


What started in Syracuse many years back splintered off to Los Angeles and Buffalo, also many years ago. When the moons align every few years -the circle and the point- shack up somewhere dusty with whatever instruments are in reach to drink beer and summon the interstellar drone-werks. When the moons and waves are out of whack, sounds come forth from the Sleepwalkers Local and Chapels units. Here, for the first time, we get all the heads in one place. 


One whole cassette of new -the circle and the point- material recorded over the last few years teamed up with a cassette split between new out-sounds from Sleepwalkers Local and Chapels. It's all just getting started.


c30 and c40 double cassette edition of 150.


2010.   030.



Kind Words:


"If the sign of a good drone release is its ability to give the listener an epic experience without testing his patience, then this triple-split double-cassette released by monolithic tape gods House of Alchemy might be among the greatest releases of its kind. Itís undoubtedly an immense and time-consuming journey but every second of it is so powerful and awe-inspiring that, once itís over, you will more than likely find yourself begging for more. Each of the three acts is just totally on its A-Game Ė especially The Circle and the Point, who divide and conquer two sidesí worth of gut-wrenching darkness. Utterly essential- you can think of this one as an investment."

-Zen Effects - July 4th, 2011













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