Chris Dadge- Not Sudden

This is our third release with Chris Dadge and we're keeping it weird. His work in many projects both solo and collaborative has kept things beyond interesting. Whether jumping in the finest of today's micro/macro improv crews or crafting his own deep sound sculptures, Dagde never ceases to amaze with his dexterity and open-ended improv huzzah. Here we see him doing a little bit of everything all by himself and its breathtaking. Whereas his last solo release with us saw him running raw technique and vision through a regimen of repetition and refinement, Not  Sudden sees Dadge expanding on these notions and going for full sound emulsion , digging into the clang of improv  and the gaze of a deep sound vision.   



c43 edition of 100. 

2013.   068.














$8 - U.S.

outside of U.S.