various artists-From the Deepest Depths of a Bottomless Light



The North Sea- Green Horn

Antique Brothers- Clipped Wrists and Slit Signals

Insect Mind Burial Ground- Sacred Light of the Magick Stone

Anvil Salute- The Hell of the Same

Ajilvsga- Paris

Scott Valkwitch- In the Red

(VxPxC)- Fresh Vocalizations

The Goodwillies- As Thin As Ice (in Los Angeles)

Howlin Magic- Strange Dimension

Stone Baby- Sophist Wallops Haughty Helen

Sleepwalkers Local 242- Arabian Birthday Charm

Songs About Flowers- Ranculus Nivalis

Red silk-screened covers designed by Darryl Norsen.


CD-R edition of 200.


2006.   001.