DeTrop- Man Woman & Beast

Following up three stellar releases on Robert & Leopold, the trio DeTrop surge ahead with the deranged analog synth and electronic crunch of Man, Woman & Beast. Fuzzy, scuzzy and bristling jams. Featuring members of York Factory Complaint and Bleak Race.

c20 edition of 100. 

2013.   056.



Kinds Words:

In French, the phrase “de trop” is used to describe something that is done in excess. Not sure if there’s some kind of symbolic significance as to why this trio chose that for the name of a noise act that is so understated and spare, but it does have a chilly ring to it that seems to fit. Man Woman & Beast is wooshy, and windy and cold, and cavernous. It is old, and creaky, and cranky and, oddly enough, quiet through all of this. Haunted with distant spooks, screeching specters, metal filings drifting off whatever blunt objects are being so softly tortured, heels sunk into the backs of small animals who sing in wretched whistles, breathing machines running on fumes and voices struggling to express their discontent with the establishment through the echo. This tape is shedding its skin, itching and picking at it, molting organic tissue and sacrificing it to the soil and frantically hiding what lies beneath. Another solid set of shambolic improv from Adam Richards’ House of Alchemy label, the 52nd release he’s committed to tape.
-Tiny Mix Tapes