Nick Hoffman- Silent  Island
Loner electronic compositions. Heavy and claustrophobic. Is/was Katchmare. Here we cut down to the surface. A modern voice in composing, bare and challenging. Get engulfed.



"If I erase my name it is much better.  That is the nicest way.  If  I canít get credit, then I donít have any fear.  No obligation.  Much nicer.  I donít really exist in your world anyway.  You see me on the street, but when you turn the corner I go away.  I wait in the dark until we cross paths again.  I donít even know you, but I act this way to make your reality more palpable.  Itís good for you.  You have a feeling of purpose.  You have a friend, an enemy, a rival, a family.  But actually you donít have any of these things.  All of these ďpeopleĒ come from the same source.  They are actually all the same to you.  It isnít sad, itís just hard to understand." -N.H.

CD-R edition of 60.


2010.   034.

















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