Mold Omen- Soil
This Baltimore duo make sounds without category. Power surges, melting audio tape, frayed strings. Uneasy squalls, mad tinkering, tweaking and heavy petting. And that's just the half of it. Late night sounds for the unhealthy.

c32 edition of 100. 

2011.   048.




Kind Words:

Very abstract noise by a Baltimore duo whose grasp of form is either highly advanced or non-existant. Using electro-diddlers whose identity I cannot even guess at, they create a very nicely evolving series of events that range from the almost-knowable (scratching at bricks, then lifting up a guitar perhaps?) to the vilely arcane (marching through machine gullies with whisper helmets?). Whatever they're doing, it has the same logic as a very stoned 3D chess player.- Byron Coley in Wire Magazine, March 2012