Scott Valkwitch- InFraRed

Debut solo release from longtime Buffalo guitar grappler Scott Valkwitch. As a member of some of Buffalo's most deranged and exciting out-rock and improv ensembles like Bear Flames, Gut Pole and Caustic Solution amongst many other, Valkwitch added his unique and visceral take on electric guitar splatter. This tape focuses on his solo presentations. Side A is a slow burn guitar-drone miasma while Side B is a live sound-sculpture creeper that unfurls into a manic display of deep space guitar menace. This is a long overdue survey of Valkwitch's heavy sound visions.

Cover photo by Andreina Schoeberlein.

c40 edition of 100. 

2013.   065.














$8 - U.S.

outside of U.S.