Sleepwalkers Local 242- Dreamlands


Majesty, one guitar player at a time.... Sleepwalkers Local 242 is the solo vehicle for Grant Capes (VxPxC, Thousands, the circle and the point), a safe haven in which he truly lets loose and allows the furthest reaches of his imagination to come forward and touch the fleshiest spots. Hot on the heels of his 3" cd-r "Things We Put our Friends Through", this is 50+ minutes of narcoleptic fervor. Strap in and relax everything.


CD-R edition of 123. OUT OF PRINT


2007.   005.



















Foxy Digitalis:

Of all the ways improv can be approached, for me it is through the guitar that the most powerful spontaneous expressions take place. Call that part of my rock bias, or warping from one too many Keiji Haino records, but there it is. Here, a solo venue for guitarist Grant Capes, the instrument cries, drones and pokes holes in the space given to it.

With good improvisation, you can feel the moments when the artist on the tightrope is about to slip, but rights himself and takes off into something unexpected even for him. There are many such successful risks taken on this record. In one fifty minute slab of fretwork, Capes covers a wide range of emotional territory, most of it delivered with passion and expressive chord progressions. He plays inside a groove as well as provides a way into the grooves. Not as holy as Haino, but often in the foyer. 7/10 -- Mike Wood

Broken Face:

Whilst checking out the brilliant House of Alchemy label make sure to also place a order for Grant Capes (VxPxC, Thousands) solo project Sleepwalkers Local 242. His Dreamlands sounds a bit like the title suggests, shimmery guitar washes and massive drone clouds that do just about everything they can to re-unite with the horizon.